By 1987 Frank Wildhorn and Steve Cuden had written an early full script and score for their musical which was at the time named Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. They wished to fast track it to Broadway, and in order to bring in investors they recorded a full cast studio recording of the show as it stood at that point. They sent out the album to several prospective investors who were all interested, but then the stock market crash of Black Monday forced many of them to back out causing the show to take about 10 years before making it to Broadway, it drasticly being re-written in the interviening years.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Linda Eder & Chuck Wagner

Tracks[edit | edit source]

Disc 1:
1. The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
2. Façade
3. Sir Danvers
4. Lisa’s Reasons
5. Someone Like You (Duet)
6. The Board of Governors
7. The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Reprise 1)
8. Seven Solid Years
9. A New Life
10. The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Reprise 2)
11. I Must Go On, Possessed
12. First Transformation
13. Alive
14. One-Two-Three
15. His Work And Nothing More
16. Someone Like You
17. Alive (reprise)

Disc 2:
1. Murder, Murder!
2. Good & Evil
3. Letting Go
4. No One Must Ever Know
5. No One Knows Who I Am
6. Midnight
7. Once Upon A Dream
8. This is the Moment
9. It’s Over Now
10. We Still Have Time
11. The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Reprise 3)

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