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Due to a falling economy the Alley Theatre Premiere was unable to attract enough backers for it to mount a Broadway production, so five years later the creative team chose to take the show on the road doing a National Tour which would end at Broadway, and the show did just that, touring through 1995 and 1996 ending in 1997 with the transfer to Broadway.

Production Information[edit | edit source]

The Touring production, like the previous one, was directed by Gregory Boyd, and consisted of much of the same cast with the exception of Jekyll which was now played by Robert Cuccioli and his fiancée who was this time portrayed by Christiane Noll. The show was constantly evolving throughout the tour, each night they would write new lyrics and lines, remove songs, change song order, change characters' names, the most noteworthy being the changing of Jekyll's fiancée from Lisa to Emma. The tour began on April 8th, 1995 in Dallas, Texas and ended on April 7th, 1996 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde: Robert Cuccioli

Lisa Carew(Later Emma Carew): Christiane Noll

Lucy Harris: Linda Eder

John Utterson: Phillip Hoffman

Sir Danvers Carew/Spider: Martin Van Truen

Simon Stride: Ray Mcleon

Bishop of Bastingstoke: Dave Clemmons

General Lord Glossop: Bob Wren

Lady Beaconsfield: Sandy Rosenburg

Lord Savage/Poole: Brad Oscar

Sir Archibald Proops, Q.C.: William Thomas Evans

Theo Davenport: Rob Evan

Song List[edit | edit source]

The songs list changed from night to night, this is a general list of the basic song structure that was common throughout most of the tour.

Act 1

Lost in the Darkness
Board of Governors
How Can I Continue On
Facade Reprise
Lisa Carew
The Engagement Party
I Must Go On
Take Me As I Am
Letting Go
The Dance Bring On The Men
Lucy Meets Jekyll
This Is The Moment
Lucy Meets Hyde
Alive Reprise
Your Work And Nothing More
Sympathy, Tenderness
Someone Like You
Alive Reprise 2

Act 2

Murder, Murder
Once Upon A Dream
In His Eyes
Facade Reprise 2
The Girls of The Night
No One Knows Who I Am
Dangerous Game
The Way Back
A New Life
Sympathy, Tenderness Reprise
Jekyll's Nightmare
It's Over Now
Facade Reprise 3
The Wedding Reception

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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