The 2012 Concept album was released prior to the revamped 2012 US Tour. The recording featured 18 of the musical's re-worked songs to be featured in the new production. The album featured Constantine Maroulis, Deborah Cox, and Teal Wicks.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

  •  1. Lost in the Darkness (feat. Constantine Maroulis) 
  •  2. I Need to Know (feat. Constantine Maroulis)
  •  3. Take Me As I Am (feat. Constantine Maroulis & Teal Wicks)
  •  4. No One Knows Who I Am (feat. Deborah Cox)
  •  5. Bring On the Men (feat. Deborah Cox)
  •  6. This Is the Moment (feat. Constantine Maroulis) 
  •  7. Alive (feat. Constantine Maroulis) 
  •  8. His Work and Nothing More (feat. Corey Brunish, Constantine Maroulis, Teal Wicks & Tom Hewitt)
  •  9. Sympathy, Tenderness (feat. Deborah Cox)
  • 10. Someone Like You (feat. Deborah Cox) 
  • 11. Once Upon a Dream (feat. Teal Wicks) 
  • 12. In His Eyes (feat. Teal Wicks & Deborah Cox) 
  • 13. Dangerous Game (feat. Deborah Cox & Constantine Maroulis) 
  • 14. Girls of the Night (feat. Shannon Magrane, Deborah Cox & Carly Robyn Green)
  • 15. The Way Back (feat. Constantine Maroulis)
  • 16. A New Life (feat. Deborah Cox)
  • 17. Confrontation (feat. Constantine Maroulis)
  • 18. Once Upon a Dream (Reprise) [feat. Constantine Maroulis]
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