Lyrics[edit | edit source]

A new life

What I wouldn't give

to have a new life,

one thing I have learned

as I go through life,

nothing is for free along the way

A new start

That's the thing I need

to give me new heart,

half a chance in life

to find a new part,

just a simple role that I can play

A new hope

something to convince me to renew hope

A new day

bright enough to help me find my way

A new chance

one that maybe has a touch of romance

Where can it be?

The chance for me?

A new dream

I have one I know

that very few dream,

I would like to see

that overdue dream,

even though it never may come true

A new love

though I know there's no such thing

as true love,

Even so,

although I never knew love

still I feel that one dream is my due

A new world

there's one thing I want

to ask of you, world,

once, before it's time

to say adieu, world,

one sweet chance

to prove the cynics wrong

A new life

more and more unsure

as I go through life

just to play the game

and to pursue life

just to share its pleasures and belong

That's what we've been here for all along

each day's a brand new life

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