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What is this feeling of power and drive?

I've never known, I feel alive,

I have a thirst that I cannot deprive

never have I, felt so alive

Like the night it's a secret,

sinister, dark, and unknown

I do not know what I seek, yet,

I'll seek it alone!

Where does this feeling of power derive?

Making me know, why I'm alive

There is no battle I couldn't survive,

feeling like this, feeling alive

Like the moon, an enigma,

lost and alone in the night

Damned by some heavenly stigma,

but blazing with light!

It's the feeling of being alive

Filled with evil but truly alive

It's the truth that cannot be denied

There's no feeling like being Edward Hyde

(sinister laughter)

(spoken)Wait, what's this?

Sweet Miss, I thought I had lost you

Fate, what bliss

Sweet Miss, your folly will cost you


That man - who's he?

I know I have seen him - too late,

I'll wait, we'll see

There'll be another time


Frustrated, Hyde peers from the shadows as Lucy and the man in black enter her flat for the night' Lucy Harris is safe, for now.


(sung) Animals trapped behind bars in the zoo,

need to run rampant and free

Predators live by the prey they pursue,

this time the predator's me

Lust like a raging desire,

fills my whole soul with its curse

Burning with primitive fire,

berserk and perverse

Tonight, I'll plunder heaven blind, steal from all the gods

tonight, I'll take from all mankind, conquer all the odds

And I feel I'll live on forever,

for Satan himself's on my side

And I'll show the world that tonight and forever

the name to remember's the name Edward Hyde

What a feeling, to be so alive

I have never seen me so alive

Such a feeling of evil inside

that's the feeling of being Edward Hyde

With this feeling of being alive

there's a new world I see come alive

It's the truth that cannot be denied

There's no feeling like being Edward Hyde!

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