Rupert Basil, 14th Bishop of Basingstoke (Joel Richardson).

A man of the cloth, eminent churchman and philathropist, as well as being a member of the Board of Governors at St. Jude's, Rupert Basil, the 14th Bishop of Basingstoke showed concern for Jekyll's work, seeing it as tinkering with God's work. He seemed to be a harmless old bore that was fond of his port, and was often mocked by his fellow Governors for his pomposity.

However, Basil was actually a paedophile, fond of choirboys and young girls, who used his connections at the Red Rat to find himself new young partners. After a secret liason, facilitated by Gwennie and the Spider, the Bishop was beaten to death and his corpse immolated by Mr Edward Hyde.

Differences between versions[edit | edit source]

In early version, the Bishop is merely portrayed as a lech who has a secret meeting with Nellie arranged by Simon Stride. Later on, Nellie or Gwenny help him to fulfill his fantasies with one or two young children depending on the version.

He has been referred to as "Rupert" in the Broadway Version and "Basil" in the MTI Licensed Version.

Notable portrayers[edit | edit source]

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