Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Seven years ago I started out on this alone,

and it's alone I'll see it through to its conclusion,

I have no illusions left - how could I after all that's happened? Even so, the matter's still not done!

All at once, I can see the perfect answer

dangerous, yes, it's dangerous

then again, danger is the kind of chance a man must take

when all that he believes in is at stake

Like a warning light, glimmering in red

like crimson bloodshed, shimmering in red

beautiful and strange, see the colours change before my eyes

see how they dance and they sparkle like diamonds at night leading me out of the darkness and into the light

(sounds of drinking)

I must be wise,

I must try to analyse each change in me

everything I see, how will it be?

Will I see the world through different eyes?

Only if we dream, only if we try,

can we hope to learn the reasons why only if we - (gasping) Ah, ah,

(spoken) My god, oh, what's this? Something's happening, I-I can't explain,

Something inside me, a breathtaking pain

devours, consumes me, and drives me insane!

(gasping, sounds of pain)

Suddenly, uncontrolled,

something is taking hold

Suddenly, agony,

filling me, killing me

Suddenly, out of breath,

what is this? Is this death?

Suddenly, look at me

can it be?

Who is this creature I see?

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