The first officially released recording of this song from the 1990 Highlights album.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]


Friends you're aware,

There are two sides to each of us,

Good and evil,

Compassion and hate.

If we could extract,

All the evil from each of us,

Think of the world that we could create.

A world without anger or violence or strife,

Where man wouldn't kill anymore!

A world of compassion,

Where passion for life,

Would banish the madness of war!

I have developed in actual reality,

Chemical formulae which could and would,

Alter the patterns of man's personality,

Guiding him either to evil or good!

Weigh the potential,

The great possibilities,

Colleagues - dear friends - understand!

We have a chance to make history,

Here in our hand.

Here is the chance to take charge of our fate,

Deep down you must know that tomorrow's too late!

One rule of life we cannot rearrange,

The only thing constant is change,

The only thing constant is change.

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