I Must Go On, Possessed, In the Silence of the Night

Lyrics[edit | edit source]


I must go on with the work I'm committed to,

why would I not when my theories are true?

And I will prove, if I'm ever permitted to,

things are not wrong just because they are -



listen, Henry,

I can help you,

if you let me


They are pathetic, they are lying(?)


Let me calm the storm inside you,

Henry please


I knew my fate was sealed and signed,


Let me put your mind at ease,


Their grotesque prevarication,


Must I beg you on my knees?


It could kill my reputation


What is lost you can regain,

but for now some sleep will ease the pain

Please, Henry


All my life I've been possessed

by one great all-consuming quest,

and that's my driving reason to survive


Just take my hand in yours

[HENRY] (simultaneously)

I live to see that dream come true,

my world consists of it and you,

I have got to keep that dream alive


Henry, I adore you, always have done always will do,

but I too have dreams

Maybe not as grand as yours

or hard to understand as yours

but nonetheless my dreams

You and I together will be-


-darling, try to see what I see-


-Henry please believe me,

I see everything there is to see -


-then what, by god, am I supposed to do?


If both of us believe in you,

and I know that we do,

then for a moment leave it be,

relax and turn your thoughts to me and you

In the silence of the night

I simply need to know you're near

for all my fears to disappear


In the shadows of the light

you fill my heart with such desire

you set my very soul on fire


I feel complete again

and life is sweet again


There's a wonder to the night

so many secrets we can share

that only lovers dare to share

So darling, if you dare,

then let me take you there

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