Jekyll Hyde Tab v2
Jekyll & Hyde: In Concert
was a North America and South Korea tour with Rob Evan playing Jekyll/Hyde. He was joined in the US by Brandi Burkhardt as Emma and Kate Shindle as Lucy and in Korea by Julie Reiber as Emma and Mandy Gonzalez as Lucy.

The musical played two engagements in June and September 2004 in Marlton, New Jersey and Uncasville, CT, before touring the US from September 10, 2005 in Birmingham, Alabama until February 25, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Korean tour began in Seoul on April 7, 2006 and ended on May 3, 2006 in Pucheon-si. The production played two additional runs, one in Blacksburg, Virginia on November 30, 2006 and a second engagement in Seoul from May 5-6, 2007. 

  • Rob Evan and Mandy Gonzales
  • Kate Shindle as Lucy
  • Brandi Burkhardt as Emma
  • Rob Evan (Hyde) and Kate Shindle (Lucy)
  • Kate Shindle (Lucy) and Brandi Burkhardt (Emma)
  • Rob Evan as Edward Hyde
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