Lady Beaconsfield (Corinne Melancon) with Sir Danvers (Barrie Ingham) at the engagement party.

Lady Elizabeth 'Bessie' Beaconsfield is a member of the Board of Governors of St. Jude's hospital. Her husband died 20 years ago. She views most of society with contempt, frequently mocking those she considers inferior, including Dr Henry Jekyll.

Despite her air of respectability Bessie frequently goes out to wild parties with Lord Savage and Sir Archibald Proops and it was at one of these parties that she was killed by Edward Hyde, her neck snapped by a string of diamonds. In the Broadway production, the actress playing Lady Beaconsfield also played Guinevere. Earlier versions, such as the 1995 tour, had Hyde cut her head off and throw it to Savage as a gift.

Notable Actors Who Played This Role[edit | edit source]

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