Letting Go as it appears in the 1987 Demo.  Linda Eder performs the role of Lisa Carew.


You are everything in life I treasure most,

Soon I know I have to let you go.

You're what brings me joy and pain and pleasure most.

They're the reasons I adore you so.

And when you leave me, as you must leave me.

How I'll survive...

I do not know...

Letting go...

When the day comes that I must say goodbye to you.

It's the last thing in life I'll ever want to do.

I know it has to be,

but it's so hard for me.

Letting go...

Facing up to the truth

that it is time to part.

Giving way to the day

that may well may break my heart

It's not a thing I choose,

to win I have to lose.


Letting go...

Moving on in my life,

into the big wide world.

Day by day, page by page,

seeing my life unfurl.

Papa you always knew,

that's what I had to do...

Lisa and Danvers

For I know

the only way to grow,

is just by letting go....


Letting go...

though I know when I grow

I shall return someday.

But til then, this is when

I have to find my way.

It's a fact of life!


Though it isn't fair!

Lisa and Danvers

There will always be all the love we share.,,

Still the hardest thing,

is letting go.....

The hardest thing,

is letting go.....

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