Letting Go is a song that first appeared on the 1987 Demo recording, but as a duet for the two lovers. By the 1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller album it had completely changed purpose. It takes place as Miss Carew goes to visit Jekyll, despite her's father obections. Eventually, he realizes he will have to let her grow up.

The song changed considerably over time, becoming virtually unrecognizable by the time it reached Broadway.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

 Letting go
 When the day comes that I
 Must say goodbye to you
 It's the last thing in life
 I'll ever want to do
 I know it has to be
 But it's so hard for me

Letting go
 Facing up to the truth
 That it is time to part
 Giving way to the day
 That may well break my heart
 It's not a thing I choose
 To win I have to lose

 Letting go
 Moving on in my life
 Into the time to come
 Day by day
 Page by page
 Sure of what I've become
 Papa, you always knew
 That's what I had to do

 For I know the only way to grow
 Is just by letting go

 Letting go
 When the times comes I know
 I shall return some day
 But 'till then this is when
 I have to find my way
 It's a fact of life

 Though it isn't fair

 There will always be
All the love we share

 Still the hardest thing

 Is letting go
 The hardest thing
 Is letting go.

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