Linda Eder sang on the 1987 Demo recording and was the first live Lucy at the Alley Theater premier of Jekyll & Hyde.  The show was extended several times, and Eder received raves for her performance. She sang on the  She played the part in the First National Tour and then on Broadway in 1997.

Linda married Frank Wildhorn in 1998, and the two divorced in 2004. 

She has also collaborated with Wildhorn numerous times on his other musicals. These include Svengali(Playing Trilby in both the world premiere and Sarasota productions), The Scarlet Pimpernel(Playing Marguerite on both the 1992 Concept Album and 1996 Pre-Broadway Demo Album), The Civil War(Playing Hanna Hopes in the 1996 Concept Album, the 1998 Nashville Sessions Album, and world premiere production), Dracula(Singing on the 2000 Demo Album), Camille Claudel(Playing the title character in the world premiere production and demos recorded in 2001 and 2004), Cyrano de Bergerac(Playing Roxanne in the 2006 Concept Album), and Tears of Heaven(Playing Linh in the 2011 Concept Album).

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