Lisa Carew is a song that first appeared in the 1987 Demo recording of the show. It is a conversation between Simon Stride and Lisa in which the former tries to convince Lisa that marrying Jekyll is a foolish idea. Lisa tries to let Stride gently, but when he presses on, she spurns him. Stung, Stride vows one day she will regret her actions, but she is unafraid.

Differences between versions[edit | edit source]

After the 1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller album, the character of Lisa became Emma, and so the song became known as Emma Carew. In addition, the latter half was cut along with most of Stride's part, which resulte in actor Bill Nolte leaving the role

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Lisa Carew, can this be you?
What kind of man is this you've taken?
Can you not see the kind of life
that this would be - you are mistaken!

Time to awaken before it's too late,
before you forever determine your fate!

But Simon, you knew: I had to be free.
What I choose to do is decided by me!

Ever since my mother died
My father, bless his darling heart,
Has treated me as though I'm still a young child.
Maybe his idea was just to wait until I grew up
and then look at me and hope that I'd be her ...

It's easy to accept that from a father -
he'd rather things remained the way they were.
But when it comes to marriage,
I must pick whom I prefer!

I'm not the weak young thing you're seeking, Simon,
someone seventeen, obedient and sweet.
I am not the protégé to waste your time on -
I'm complete!
In Henry's eyes I see what I am meant to be!

Lisa, listen to me!

Simon, enough!
There's nothing more!
Don't be a boor!
You have your answer!
That's how things are!
Will always be!
You had your chance, Sir, with me!

Someday you'll regret what you just said to me!

We'll see, Sir!

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