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General GlossopGood'N'Evil (Alley Theatre Premiere)Good 'N' Evil (1987 Demo)
His Work and Nothing MoreHospital BoardHospital Board (1990 Highlights)
How Can I Continue on? (1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller)I Need to KnowIf She/He Only Knew
In ConcertIn His Eyes RepriseIt's Over Now
It's Over Now (1990 Highlights)Jack WagnerJekyll's Once Upon A Dream (1990 Highlights)
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Lisa’s Reasons (1987 Demo)Lord SavageLost in the Darkness
Love Has Come of Age (1990 Highlights)Lucy HarrisLucy Meets Hyde
Lucy Meets JekyllMidnightMiss Carew
Mr Edward HydeMr UttersonMurder, Murder
Murder, Murder! (1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller)Murder, Murder (1986 Demo)Nellie
New Life (1990 Highlights)No One Knows Who I Am (1990 Highlights)No One Must Ever Know (1990 Highlights)
No One Must Ever Know (1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller)Once upon a Dream (Jekyll)One-Two-Three
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Possessed (1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical ThrillerPrologueRaphael
Red Rat GirlsReflectionsRob Evan
Robert CuccioliSebastian BachSeven Solid Years
Simon StrideSir Archibald ProopsSir Danvers (1987 Demo)
Sir Danvers CarewSomeone Like You (1990 Highlights)Someone Like You (1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller)
Someone Like You (Duet)SpiderSteve Cuden
Streak of Madness (1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller)Stride's SabotageSvengali (musical)
Sympathy, Tenderness (1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller)Take Me as I AmTakeshi Kaga
The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1986 Demo)The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. HydeThe Ballad of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Reprise 1)
The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Reprise 2)The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Reprise 3)The Civil War (musical)
The Engagement Party (1986 Demo)The Engagement Party (1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical ThrillerThe First Time
The Scarlet Pimpernel (musical)The Wedding ReceptionThe World Has Gone Insane
This Is the MomentThis Is the Moment (1990 Highlights)Till You Came into My Life (1990 Highlights)
Transformation (1990 Highlights)Transformation (1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller)Victor/Victoria (musical)
Waiting There TonightWe Belong To The NightWe Still Have Time (1987 Demo)
We Still Have Time (1990 Highlights)You Have To Go
File:"Bitch, Bitch, Bitch" scene.jpgFile:"Bring on the Men" from the National tour in a national touring venue.jpgFile:"Bring on the Men" from the Theatre Under the Stars - Alley - 5th Ave production (Notice the "Gypsy"-esque people - attempting to make Jekyll a spectacle for example).jpg
File:"Bring on the Men" full stage.jpgFile:"In His Eyes".jpgFile:"Jekyll Meets Lucy" (Lucy took Jekyll's hat during this one).jpg
File:"Letting Go," Christiane Noll.jpgFile:"Lost in the Darkness" (before Confrontation) - Jekyll holding a gun.jpgFile:"Murder, Murder" - burial of the bishop (may have been The Mass..I forget if that was in the national tour or just the CD).jpg
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File:Bill Nolte as Simon Stide JEKYLL & HYDE Alley Theatre 1990 with Nita Moore as Nellie.jpgFile:Bill Nolte as Simon Stride JEKYLL & HYDE Alley Theatre, TUTS 1990 with Eddie Korbich.jpgFile:Bill Nolte as Simon Stride JEKYLL & HYDE Alley Theatre 1990.jpg
File:Bill Nolte as Simon Stride JEKYLL & HYDE Alley Theatre 1990 with Linda Eder.jpgFile:Bishop.jpgFile:Bitchbitch.jpg
File:Broadway Revival.jpgFile:Brown, Rivette, Wagner.jpgFile:Carew.jpg
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File:FLOOM.gifFile:Facade, the rich on the bottom, poor on top..jpgFile:Facade.jpg
File:Facade - this was at "Now Danvers Carew is a good man," that line - Danvers is walking past them.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Feature.png
File:Festival robert cuccioli jekyll hyde image 170x250.gifFile:Finalbow brom.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
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File:Jekyll And Hyde - Compaq Promo flyer - 1995 (front) - signed by Linda Eder and Robert Cuccioli.jpgFile:Jekyll And Hyde - Pre-Broadway Tour - Alley Theatre Season Mailout - signed by Robert Cuccioli.jpgFile:Jekyll And Hyde - Pre Broadway Tour Nita Moore (Nellie) Headshot - signed.jpg
File:Jekyll And Hyde - Pre Broadway Tour Press Photo 1.jpgFile:Jekyll And Hyde - Pre Broadway Tour Press Photo 2.jpgFile:Jekyll And Hyde - Pre Broadway Tour Press Photo 3.jpg
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File:Jekyll And Hyde Original Broadway Cast Alumb Art.jpgFile:Jekyll And Hyde Pre-Broadway Tour flyer - Dallas - Dec 1995 (front).jpgFile:Jekyll And Hyde Resurrection.jpg
File:Jekyll Hyde Tab v2.jpgFile:Jekyll and Hyde - Alley Theatre - Entire Cast and Crew - Frank Wildhorn, Greg Boyd, Linda Eder, Chuck Wagner, Bill Nolte, Shirley Maclaine, Rebbeca Spender, Nita Moore, Eddie Korbich.jpgFile:Jekyll and Utterson 2013 Broadway revival.jpg
File:Jekyll in the lab.jpgFile:Kaga.jpgFile:Kate Shindle Rob Evan Brandi Burkhardt.jpg
File:Kelli O'Hara Memorial Day concert.jpgFile:Kelli O Hara Deb Lyons.jpgFile:Koln Promo Cast.jpg
File:Linda Eder, A New LifeFile:Linda Eder, A New Life (with the cross in the background with the all white "purity" bedroom).jpgFile:Linda Eder, Backstage, putting on her "special earrings" that she wore during the world premiere as well..jpg
File:Linda Eder (Lucy Harris) backstage with friend Nita Moore (Nellie) during pre-Broadway tour.jpgFile:Linda Eder Deborah Cox.jpgFile:Linda Eder Someone Like You 1990 Alley Theatre.jpg
File:Lisa Carew & Sir Danvers on balcony.jpgFile:Lovers.gifFile:Marti-pellow-as-dr-jekyll-and-sarah-earnshaw-as-emma-credit-simon-fowler.jpg
File:Martin Van Treuren as Sir Danvers Carew.jpgFile:Martin Van Treuren as Sir Danvers Carew with Christiane Noll as Emma-Lisa Carew.jpgFile:Martin Van Treuren as The Spider.jpg
File:Martin Van Treuren as The Spider 2.jpgFile:Martin Van Treuren as The Spider 3.jpgFile:Martin Van Treuren as The Spider with Linda Eder as Lucy.jpg
File:Martin Van Treuren as The Spider with Nita Moore as Nellie.jpgFile:Martin Van Treuren as original concept of The Spider with MaryJo Mecca a Girl of The Dregs.jpgFile:Mary Jo Mecca a Girl of The Dregs.jpg
File:Matri Pellow.jpgFile:Maya Hakvoort as Lisa Carew, Thomas Borchert as Jekyll.jpgFile:Merritt and Bach.jpg
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File:Rebecca Spencer as Lisa Carew, Chuck Wagner as Jekyll and Hyde, Linda Eder as Lucy Harris.jpgFile:Rebecca Spencer as Lisa Carew in the World Premiere at the Alley.jpgFile:Rebecca Spencer as Lisa Carew in wedding dress.jpg
File:Rebecca Spencer as Lisa Carew with Bill Nolte.jpgFile:Rebecca Spencer as Lisa Carew with Chuck Wagner as Dr Jekyll.jpgFile:Rebecca Spencer as Lisa Carew with Sir Danvers.jpg
File:Resized Jekyll Hyde Color 503 .jpgFile:Rob.JPGFile:Rob3-2.jpg
File:Rob7.jpgFile:Rob Evan and Coleen Sexton Alive.pngFile:RobandMandy.jpg
File:Robert Cuccioli, Alive (Reprise)File:Robert Cuccioli, Alive (Reprise) end of Act 1.jpgFile:Robert Cuccioli, drinking the potion.jpg
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File:Sharon Brown 2000.pngFile:Shimmering in red.jpgFile:SimonStride-Robert Jensen.png
File:Spider's Web.jpgFile:Steve Cuden.jpgFile:Tamara Weimerich as Lisa Carew, Yngve Gasoy-Romdal as Jekyll.jpg
File:Teal-Wicks-is-Emma-Carew-in-Jekyll-Hyde-tour-Broadway-in-Chicago-2013.jpgFile:Teal Wicks as Emma Carew and Richard White as Sir Danvers Carew.jpgFile:The original staging of "Dangerous Game".jpg
File:The set - during rehersals (The lab, which included several fire crackers and other explosions).jpgFile:This is the Moment- ComparisonFile:Tn-1000 jekyll&hyde023.jpg
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