Lord Savage (Martin Van Treuren) at the engagement party.

Lord Savage is a member of the Board of Governors of St. Jude's Hospital and a peer of the realm. He considers his position on the Board an irritation and spends most of his time carousing with his fellow Governors and making snide observations with Lady Beaconsfield. At Miss Carew's engagement party, he expresses his confusion over Jekyll's intentions, claiming to have never seen a poor person in his life. When Jekyll makes his proposal, Savage is not as vocal in his opposition as his fellow Governors, but still refuses to back the Doctor's experiments.

He attends the funeral of the Bishop Of Basingstoke along with General Glossop, and witnesses the General's death at the hands of Edward Hyde, who swears Savage will be next. Outside the Mayfair Club, Hyde confronts Savage, Lady Beaconsfield and Sir Archibald Proops, who attempts to remove the impertinent stranger, whilst Savage, who recognizes him as the murderer, tries to usher Beaconsfield inside, but fails, and both Archie and Bessie are killed.

Terrified, Savage attempts to flee London, confessing to Sir Danvers Carew and his daughter that he will be at the country club in Aberdeen, before insisting that he tried his best to save the others. He also expresses his disappointment that Jekyll would not follow him to safety. Danvers assures him that the truth is between him and God, and leaves him alone on the foggy platform. Soon after Hyde arrives with "bad news from God" and pushes him in front of the train.

At the funeral, Savage is remembered as "a brave man," whilst members of the aristocracy thank God they are still alive.

Development[edit | edit source]

Lord Savage's name has changed several times throughout the show's history. In the early Demos he was known as Lord Wimpy, in the Broadway production he was known as Lord Theodore 'Teddy' Savage, and in the MTI standard license version of the show he is known as Lord Herbert Savage.

Notable Actors Who Played This Role[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Savage is usually played by the same actor who plays Spider.

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