Coleen Sexton as Lucy Harris

Lucy Harris is the main attraction at The Red Rat, a rather seedy drinking establishment in the locks at Camden. She is, in her own eyes, an actress who gents come to watch as part of the floor show, but has to work as a whore in order to keep her room and rent. She takes things as they come, knowing that there is little better life for her, although she does dream there is. She, like all the girls at The Red Rat, is at the mercy of pimp and proprietor Spider.

Lucy is a pivot point in the piece for both Jekyll and Hyde. She is the epitome of the carnal desire within each of them. Jekyll, with his will and “goodness” keeps that desire well in check, but Hyde, as the unbound spirit of Jekyll, can’t and won’t keep that desire checked. Lucy becomes his fixation and to some intents, we hope his salvation. To Lucy, Jekyll is an ideal, something she will never have. Hyde is all she believes she deserves. She is massively attracted to the part of Hyde that is Jekyll, but this confuses her as she also knows Hyde to be cruel and brutal, both mentally and physically toward her.

Development[edit | edit source]

In earlier versions of the show she worked at The Dregs of which Simon Stride was secretly proprietor. Recently this aspect of the show has returned in the alternative script used at the Fullerton Civic Light Opera.

Notable Actresses Who Played The Role[edit | edit source]

  • Kate Shindle - Starred in the Resurrection cast & tour.
  • Sharon Brown - Second National Tour.
  • Louise Dearman - Uk Tour.
  • Lyn Liechty - Original Bremen Cast.
  • Marta Ribera - Original Madrid Cast.
  • Leisa Keen - Original Australian Cast.
  • Belinda Wollaston - 2010 Australsian Tour.
  • Sabrina Carter- 2nd UK Tour
  • Deborah Cox - Fourth National Tour, 2013 Broadway Revival

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Lucy Harris was also the name given to Hydes girlfriend in the Michael Caine film version in 1990.
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