Lucy Meets Hyde was a song written for the Alley Theatre Premiere and can also be heard on 1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller album. However, it was cut before the show reached Broadway, though later versions reinstate it. It serves as a companion piece to the earlier "Lucy Meets Jekyll".

In this song, the newly transformed Hyde visits Lucy Harris at the Red Rat and attempts to purchase her services. But when he is too rough with her, she spurns him.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

I know you, don't I?

After tonight, my little love,
You will never forget me.
I am destined to be your guardian Angel
Your guide to salvation
In this world of madness.

So what's yer name then, sweet'eart ?

Hyde... Edward Hyde.
A toast to the night!
A toast to romance!
To those unafraid
Of taking a chance!

I must admit that I like yer approach!
It's one that I've not seen before!

Why should you settle for less, dear,
When there's more!
I am the man
Fate has decreed
Destined to be
All that you need!
I can give you everything you desire
You can give me all I need!

Sounds like a nice bit of business
Yes, indeed!

I am the man
Mark my words well
With whom you'll share
Heaven or hell!

LUCY 'eaven I fancy, 'as no place for me!
And I can find hell on my own!

Like it or not,
you will never be alone!
After tonight, you will never be alone!

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