Lucy meets Jekyll is a brief conversational piece written for the Alley Theatre Premiere, in which Lucy Harris tries to seduce Jekyll but fails, nevertheless provoking him into offering his friendship. As he gives her his card, she wistfully begins to imagine she may have finally met a decent man.

It serves as a companion piece to Lucy Meets Hyde.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

S' not every day me friends and I
'as gents like you just droppin' by.
Before you go,
you'll know just why you came here!

Of that, my dear, I've little doubt.
One only has to look about.
It's not too hard to figure out
the game here!
And yet I sense: there's more to you

You flatter, sir, you really do!
With half a chance ...

... what would you do?

Don't ask me!
Here's to the night! Here's to romance!
To those unafraid of taking a chance!

I think I've taken enough for one day!
And I have learned to my cost
It's not the fun that it might be
once you have lost!

Oh, what a shame! If you only knew
the games we could play, the things we could do!
Yet I can see you're not up to the chase!
But, if you're ever in need:
I am the girl, and this is the place.
Come to me!

It's getting late - I have to go.
If any time - you never know -
you need a friend ...

Dr. Henry Jekyll, 46 Harley Street ...
If any time ... you never know ...
you need a friend ... (she hums)

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