Utterson (right) talking with Jekyll

Mr Gabriel John Utterson Esq. is a lawyer, confidant, supporter, and lifelong friend of Henry Jekyll. He is an upstanding man, regarded well by his peers. Serious, somewhat sombre attitude and not given to laughter or joviality, but has an underlying humour. Likely worked his way up the ranks of society, rather than was born into wealth. He is a gentleman, first and last. Jekyll is his equal both intellectually and in standing and they have an ease when together. He has no pretensions, thus he is not a prude or self-righteous, although can be prudent and cautious when warranted.

Source material[edit | edit source]

In the original book, Utterson is the character which the narrator focuses on, following his quest to discover the identity of Edward Hyde. Utterson is described as a measured and at all times emotionless bachelor who nonetheless seems believable, trustworthy, tolerant of the faults of others, and indeed genuinely likeable. However, Stevenson in the book hints Utterson has old secrets.

Notable Actors Who Played The Role[edit | edit source]

  • George Merrit and Sebastian Bach

    Christopher Carothers- 1986 Demo recording
  • Philip Hoffman - The world premiere 1990 Alley Theatre production, 1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller album, and the 1995 First National Tour
  • George Merritt - portrayed Utterson Through The Entire Broadway Run.
  • Juan Jackson - 2010 Australasian Tour.
  • Charles Shirvell - Uk Tour.
  • David Grimes - 3rd Us Tour.
  • James Clow - 1999 National Tour
  • Tomás Bartunek - Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Mark McGee - 2nd UK Tour
  • Laird Mackintosh - 4th US Tour, 2013 Broadway Revival
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