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Second London murder, murder! General Glossop killed on the steps of St. Paul's cathedral!

Look at this, another murder
Just like the other murder!
That's poor old General Glossop, dead

Last week the bishop copped it!
The bloke what done it 'opped it!
That feller must be off 'is 'ead!

That's two in the last four days!
This killer has fancy ways!
To kill outside St. Paul's
Requires a lotta balls!

He hates the upper class
He must be on his ass!
Who could it be?
Don't look at me!

What a shame 'bout General Glossop
I hear there's a lot of gossip
Although it didn't come from me
(Of course not. No! Of course not!)

What about the poor old bishop
The dreadful dirt they dish up
Do you think it's true? It well could be
(Imagine! Fancy! Really?)

I say that it goes to show
Some people we think we know
Aren't all they might appear!
How right you are my dear!

It's such a shocking thing!
But awfully interesting!
Who could it be?
Well, now - Let's see!

Murder, murder, doin' folks in
Murder, murder, is the worst sin!
Murder, murder, has me screamin'
"bloody murder in the night!"

Murder, murder, makes me blood thin!
Murder, murder, makes me 'ead spin!
Murder, murder, starts me drinkin'
Bloody murder in the night!

London has a killer on the loose!
Or a gang!
Either way - let 'em hang!

Gotta get 'is head inside a noose!
Right away!
The police are no use!

Maybe his nerve will fail him!
They've gotta try to nail him!
They've gotta trail an' jail him now!

No matter who we're blamin',
Till they put wot's-'is-name in,
There's gonna be one flamin' row!

Murder, murder, it's a curse, man!
Murder, murder, it's perverse, man!
Murder, murder, nothing's worse than
Bloody murder in the night!

Read about the worst two murders!
Much worse than the first two murders!
That makes it murders three and four!

They've murdered dear old Bessie!
I hear extremely messy!
And poor old Archie is no more!

That's four in the last eight days!
It's London's latest craze!
This time he was in Park Lane
And he may come back again!

Until the killer's found
There's danger all around!
What can we do?
We wish we knew!

Murder, murder once there's one done
Murder, murder can't be undone!
Murder, murder lives in London!
Bloody murder in the night!

Sweet Death has taken this brave man from us!

Sweet Death 'as raised 'is score to five!

Friends, take what comfort that you can from us!

Thank God us lot are still alive!

God in Heaven - now, forever
Take him home and hold him near!

God in Heaven - now, forever
Take him - and leave us lot here!

Catchin' such a madman could be hard!
Shouldn't be!
I agree!
We shall see!

Cos they're all so thick at Scotland Yard!
Tellin' me
I agree!
So do we

He'll kill us if we let him!
They gotta go and get him!
I know a way to net him!

No matter who we're blamin'
Till they put wot's-'is-name in
There's gonna be a flamin' row!

Murder, murder, on your doorstep!
Murder, murder, so watch your step!
Murder, murder, take one more step,
You'll be murdered in the night!

Murder, murder, once there's one done
Murder, murder, can't be undone!
Murder, murder, lives in London!
Bloody Murder in the night!


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