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Broadway(1997-2001)[edit | edit source]

The original Broadway run of Jekyll and Hyde opened at the Plymouth theater on March 21st, 1997 for previews and officially on April 28th. The show closed after nearly 4 years on January 7th, 2001. The show was directed by Robin Phillips and was co-produced by Jerry Frankel and Jeffrey Richards.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Jekyll & Hyde Actors

Robert Cuccioli: April 28th, 1997-January 3rd, 1999

Rob Evan: January 5th, 1999-January 23rd, 2000

Jack Wagner: January 23rd, 2000-June 11th, 2000

Sebastian Bach: June 13th, 2000-October 15th, 2000

David Hasselhoff: October 17th, 2000-January 7th, 2001

Emma Actresses

Christiane Noll: April 28th, 1997-January 3rd, 1999

Anastasia Barzee: January 5th, 1999-January 23rd, 2000

Andrea Rivette: January 25th, 2000-January 7th, 2001

Lucy Actresses

Linda Eder: April 28th, 1997-August 30th, 1998

Luba Mason: September 1st, 1998-January 23rd, 2000

Coleen Sexton: January 25th, 2000-January 7th, 2001

Furthur Cast

Sir Danvers Carew: Barrie Ingram 

John Utterson: George Merritt 

Simon Stride: Raymond Jaramillo Mcleod , Robert Jenson 

Bishop of Bastingstoke: Michael Ingram, Rupert DuSold, Joel Robertson

General Lord Gloop/Siegfried: Geoffrey Blaisdell, Stuart Marland

Lady Beaconsfield/Guinevere: Emily Zacharias, Rebecca Spencer

Lord Savage/The Spider: Martin Van Truen

Right Honorable Archibald Proops/Gent: Brad Oscar

Poole: Donald Grody, Peter Johl

Song List[edit | edit source]

Songs in this production are based off of the 1994 Concept Album, but some songs were either shortened or cut for time.

Act 1


Lost in the Darkness


Pursue the Truth

Facade - Reprise 1

Emma's Reasons

I Must Go On

Take Me As I Am

No One Knows Who I Am

Good N' Evil

Now There is No Choice

This is the Moment

First Transformation


His Work and Nothing More

Sympathy, Tenderness

Someone Like You

Alive - Reprise

Act 2

Murder, Murder

Once Upon a Dream

In His Eyes

Dangerous Game

Facade - Reprise 2

The Way Back

A New Life


Facade - Reprise 3


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