This song was the version of the song that appeared in the 1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller album. It retains the same basic lyrics and melody as the original with and extra verse at the end using the melody of Once Upon a Dream.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Lisa, all my life I've been possessed
By one great all consuming quest
And that's my driving reason to survive!

My love, you know
I live to see that dream come true
My world consists of it and you
Together we will keep the dream alive!

Henry, I adore you,
always have done, always will do
But I, too, have dreams!
Maybe not as grand as yours
Or hard to understand as yours
But nonetheless my dreams!
You and I together will be...

Darling, try to see what I see!

Henry, please believe me
I see everything there is to see!

Then what by God am I supposed to do?!

When this all began,
You knew there'd be a price to pay.
Too late now to turn away!
You have come too far ...
I know you'll find a way...

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