Reflections is a song only heard on the 1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller album, featuring Jekyll coming to terms with Hyde even after murdering people. Most of the lines are taken directly or paraphrased from the novel on which the musical is based on.

My two natures have memory in common.
I am aware that I am slowly losing hold
Of my original and better self...
And becoming absorbed into my second
And worse self.

Hyde, alone in the ranks of mankind, is pure evil.
As Jekyll, I can share in the pleasures and wickedness of Hyde.
I have more than a father's interest in him,
And he has more than a son's indifference towards me!
As Hyde, I care only for myself
And nothing for Jekyll!
As Jekyll, I know how Hyde
Fears my power to cut him off - by suicide!
And yet I find it in my heart to pity him
So wonderful is his love of life!
So wonderful is his love of life!

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