Ron Evan is a singer and actor, best known as a lead performer in numerous Broadway, national and international tours of musical productions, and a featured vocalist on several music albums.

He began his association with Jekyll and Hyde as the stand-by for the title roles during the 1995 National Tour, continuing with the show during it's 1997 Broadway run as an Alternate for the lead. He took over as the Regular Lead in 1999, and preformed the part over 600 times, alongside Linda Eder, Luba Mason, Coleen Sexton, Christiane Noll, Anastasia Barzee and Andrea Rivette. 

Rob Evan also performed as the lead in the 'dress rehersal' filming of the Direct From Broadway video. He later reprised the role during the 2005 In Concert tour in North America and Asia, and was recorded for the 2006 Resurrection album.

Frank Wildhorn also chose Evan to perform the part of Jonathan Harker on the Dracula concept album.

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