Simon Stride (Bill Nolte) visits Lucy Harris (Linda Eder)

Simon Stride is the recording secretary for St. Jude's Hospital. A self-important, bitter individual, he believes he was the only logical choice for Miss Carew to pick for a husband, having been her boyfriend when they were younger, and as such resents Dr Henry Jekyll deeply. At the engagement party, he tries to dissuade Emma from her forthcoming nuptials, and adds his voice to Jekyll's critics at the Board of Governors meeting, despite his role as impartial secretary. In early concepts he was revealed as the benefactor of the Red Rat.

In the 1990 Alley Theatre Production and on the 1994 Gothic Musical Thriller album when Jekyll's proposal is rejected, Stride sarcastically apologizes, but secretly vows to bring down his nemesis.

In some productions Stride attempts to eliminate his love rival by sabotaging Jekyll's formula, indirectly causing the death of Lucy at the hands of Hyde. He also steals the letter Jekyll left Lucy, planting it for Miss Carew to find before the wedding.

In the 1997 Broadway production Stride is killed by Hyde with a snap of the neck at Jekyll's wedding.

Development[edit | edit source]

In the original 1986 Demo recording he was known as Dr. William Scheisse. In the early versions of the show, Stride was revealed as the proprietor of The Dregs (later known as The Red Rat) where Lucy Harris is the main attraction, but that side of his character was replaced in later versions by The Spider. The reduction of his role resulted in actor Bill Nolte leaving the show. At this time, the character had a solo Good 'N' Evil, which later was given to Lucy. The 2013 revival featuring Constantine Maroulis further reduced the role of Stride, including the complete removal of his romantic interest in Emma.

In certain versions Stride acts as the recording secretary, whilst others, such as the 1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller album, have a separate individual performing this role - though Stride is still introduced as the Board's secretary.

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