This song appears on the never officially released 1987 Demo recording. It had its origins in the song The Engagement Party (1986 Demo), and contains many of the same lyrics as the first section of that piece.

The song was in the original Alley Theatre Premiere run of the show, but later dropped and replaced with Bitch Bitch Bitch, which itself was later removed from the show.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Lady Beconsfield:
Sir Danvers, Sir Danvers,
quelle charming soiree.

Sir Archibald Proops:
The evenings you give-
are the best I must say.

Lady Beconsfield:
Sir Danvers, Sir Danvers,
you've done it again.

Bishop of Basinstoke:
The food is delicious!

Lady Beconsfield:
And so are the men!

Sir Danvers:
Your highness, dear lady,
the pleasure is mine.
A party announcing a marriage must shine.
The good doctor Jekyll's an admirable choice,
Occasions like this gives us cause to rejoice.
It's not everyday that one's daughter's engaged-

Lady Beconsfield:
-Which seems to have left several suitors enraged!

Sir Danvers
Well one chap for sure over there Simon Stride-
Was confident he would make Lisa his bride,
Which just goes to show that however well matched-
one shouldn't count chickens or brides till their hatched!


Sir Danvers, Sir Danvers,
We all drink a toast!
Without any doubt you are
Regent's Park, London and England's most elegant host!

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Listen to it on Youtube Sir Danvers - Jekyll And Hyde 1987 Demo

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