Sir Danvers (Barrie Ingham) and Emma (Christiane Noll)

Sir Danvers Carew, KBE (Knight of the British Empire) is the father of Miss Carew and chairman of the Board of Governors at St. Jude's Hospital. A warm, caring and compassionate man, Danvers accepts his daughter's wedding to Henry Jekyll happily but is sad to be letting go of his only daughter, who has provided a rock for him since her mother died.

He supports Jekyll due to their long friendship and his role as a future father-in-law but does not fully understand what Jekyll's experiments entail. Along with Mr Utterson, he tries to curb Jekyll's behaviour, particularly in regards to the radical and often rude comments he makes to the Board of Governors, a matter not helped by Simon Stride, the governor's secretary's antagonism towards Jekyll.

When Jekyll disappears, Danvers tries to urge his daughter to give up on him for her own sake. However, he is overjoyed (if a little befuddled) when Jekyll returns.

He is the only character to die in the novel and almost all adaptations of it but lives in the musical.

Development[edit | edit source]

In the original version of the show, Danvers is noticeably more gruff with Jekyll, impatient that his experiments are taking him away from his duties as a fiance. This aspect is removed from subsequent versions, where Danvers is kindly and understanding, though in the Alley Theatre Premiere he actively votes against Jekyll instead of abstaining.

Notable actors[edit | edit source]

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