The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde was the main reoccurring number for the original version of the musical, its place later filled by various versions of Facade. This song is its first reprise, and only appears on the never officially released 1987 Demo recording.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Sir Danvers:
Dr Jekyll was filled with rage
like an animal in a cage
and his mood was exceeding grim
at the way they had treated him
The feelings of fury that burned inside
poor Dr Jekyll just could not Hide

Jekyll's anger was so intense
His existence just made no sense
so he wandered for endless hours
Through the streets where they grow no flowers
He knew as he roamed London's seamier side
That Dr Jekyll must save his pride
Those fools and their rules have destroyed all his dreams
And when men do that they make other men go to extremes.

External Links[edit | edit source]

Listen to it on Youtube The Ballad of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde ~ Jekyll & Hyde ~ 1987 Demo

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