Henry Jekyll presents his plan to the board of governors at the hospital.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Distinguished governors,

I have glimpsed the future.

Seen miracles that stun the mind

and marvels only science can find

to shape tomorrow for mankind,

and I can show them to you -

if you wish me to

Friends, you're aware there are two sides to each of us:

good and evil, compassion and hate,

if we could extract all the evil from each of us

what a wonderful world we'd create!

A world without anger and violence and strife,

where man wouldn't kill anymore.

A world that brought sweetness and peace to this life

and banished the madness of war!

I have developed, in actual reality,

chemical formulae which could and would

alter the patterns of man's personality,

guiding him either to evil or good

Weigh the potential, the great possibilities,

colleagues, dear friends, understand!

We have a chance to make history here in our hand!

Here is a chance to take charge of our fate,

deep down you must know that tomorrow's to late,

one rule of life we cannot rearrange

the only thing constant is change

The only thing constant... is change.

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