The Engagement Party is a short, spoke sung piece from the 1994 Complete Works Gothic Musical Thriller album, in which Sir Danvers Carew and Simon Stride express their feelings over the upcoming wedding and Jekyll finally arrives, only to be playfully admonished by Utterson for his lateness. After explaining his reasons and being teased by his friends Lanyon and Enfield, Jekyll receives the insincere blessings of Stride.

Comparisons with other versions[edit | edit source]

This piece is essentially a shortened down version of The Engagement Party from the 1986 Demo recording. The song remains largely untouched in other versions, though it has failed to resurface on any other CD recordings.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

My dear Simon,
You're so gracious
To wish Lisa and Henry both well!

Dear Sir Danvers
As you know, Sir
I wish Lisa the sun and the moon, but I have to confess
That I wish Henry Jekyll in hell!

(spoken) Henry, at last. What could possibly be more important than your own engagement party?

John, I am close to a breakthrough discovery!
Something spectacular, something sublime!
Finally, a light in the darkness has come to me!
Now it is only a matter of time!

Henry Jekyll, you're a devil!
You have robbed us of London's most lovely girl.

I could turn to drink when I stop to think
Lisa's marrying a doctor instead of an earl!

Poor girl!

Doctor Jekyll, may I be the first to wish you and your bride-to-be
Peace and prosperity?

Mr. Stride, it's most civil of you to say that, as you do,
With such patent sincerity!

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