The First Time on the 1986 Demo recording is the song which Jekyll and Lisa sing during the Engagement Party. It tells the story of how they first met. This song was later replaced by Love has Come of Age which in the 1990 Alley theatre World Premiere version told a similar but more vague version of how they first met. From the 1995 First National Tour onward the song for that part of the show has been Take Me As I Am which does not reminisce of the past, instead focusing Jekyll and Emma support of each other throughout Jekyll's struggles.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

When I think about the first time
In my memory like a play
I can picture it
Like it was yesterday

I believe it was a Sunday
And spring was in the air
When i close my eyes
I feel like I am there

The first time I saw you
I'll never forget
Your entrance was mad with such flair
I watched as you stole
Every heart in the room
Knowing I hadn't a prayer

The first time I saw you
I'll always recall
You were so nervous and shy
But i could see through
To the man who was there
A quiet man, gentle and kind

Watching you charm them with style
Turning a phrase
Hoping that maybe you'd pass my way
Finally I gathered myself
Reversed my hallos
Wanting you so much to dance with me

The first time I kissed you
Was simple and sweet
Yet something had happened to me
I discovered a feeling
That I'd never known
And fate knew that we had to be

The first time I touched you
I'll never forget
Was like nothing I'd ever dreamed of
The way that my heart raced
The look in your eyes
I knew that it must be

Knew that it would be

Knew it could only be love
I knew it could only be love

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