The first officially released recording of this song from the 1990 Highlights album.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Seven years ago I started out on this alone,

And alone I'll see it through to its conclusion!

Now the moment's here the light is clear,

I've got to take this final step.

Once and for all it must be done!

I must be wise,

I must try to analyse each change in me,

Everything I see.

How will it be?

Will I see the world through different eyes?

Now that it is done,

There's nothing left to do,

Only time can prove my theories true.

If I could: Ahh!

My god: what's this?:

Something is happening.

I can't explain!: something inside me:

A breathtaking pain!: devours, consumes me:

And drives me insane!

Suddenly: uncontrolled,

Something is taking hold!

Suddenly: agony,

Filling me: killing me!

Suddenly: out of breath!

What is this?

Is it death?

Suddenly: look at me!

Who is this creature,

That I see?

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