Victor/Victoria is a 1995 Broadway musical with a book by Blake Edwards, music by Henry Mancini and Frank Wildhorn and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. It is based on the 1982 musical film of the same name, which in turn is based on the 1933 nonmusical German film Viktor und Viktoria. It starred Julie Andrews.

Synopsis Edit

English soprano Victoria Grant finds herself at a nightclub, without work or money. She meets Carroll Todd, or "Toddy," a performer at the club who gets fired while trying to help her. The two soon team up and embark on an unlikely (and surprisingly successful) scheme. With Toddy's help, Victoria becomes "Count Victor Grazinski" - a renowned female impersonator. The twist is of course that she is a woman, claiming to be a man, claiming to be a woman. Things get even crazier when sparks begin to fly between Victoria and a notorious Chicago businessman, King Marchan, and he sets out to uncover "the Count's" secret.

Production Edit

Chances of the film being adapted to musical were low when the film premiered in 1982. When the musical was eventually made, Henry Mancini passed away before he could finish. Leslie Bricusse asked for Frank Wildhorn to be brought in to finish the score. He wrote two songs for the show. Because the show opened on broadway about a year and a half before Jekyll and Hyde, this makes Victor/Victoria Frank Wildhorn's Broadway debut. The musical had two tryout productions, one in Minneapolis, Minnesota and one in Chicago, Illinois, before premiering on Broadway on October 25th, 1995. Shortly afterward, a recording of the show was broadcast on television. The show closed on Broadway on July 27th, 1997. Following this, in August 1998 a US Tour began that lasted through June 1999. After the conclusion of the US Tour, rights for the musical became available.

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